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Product Information -Eliquids

What is EDGE Eliquid?

EDGE E-Liquid is a high-quality e-liquid brand designed for all electronic cigarettes, manufactured in the UK. Designed for use by existing smokers and vapers over the age of 18 years old.

What is in EDGE Eliquid?

All of our e-liquids are produced in our own ISO Class 7 cleanroom facility and are made from only the best ingredients:

  • High Quality UK Flavourings
  • EP/USP Propylene Glycol (PG)
  • Vegetable Glycerin (VG)
  • High Quality EP/USP Pharmaceutical Grade Nicotine

Our liquid is individually batch tested in an independent laboratory to ensure that the nicotine content is correct and that all the ingredients are pure.

EDGE Vaping e-liquids does not contain oil based flavours, or artificial colours.

All the flavourings are manufactured to order in the UK by our UK flavour manufacturer who operates to the highest standards and has BRC accreditation at grade 'A' level. All flavourings and ingredients are critically assessed for quality & consistency. The materials and flavourings supplied have been specially selected for the best taste and quality possible, and are considered to be the best products currently available in the market place. We do not add any diacetyl or 2,3-pentanedione to any of our flavours.

What size and strength of eliquid do you sell?

Our EDGE core range comes in 10ml bottles.

Our e-liquids are available in 50/50 VG to PG in 18mg (1.8%) 12mg (1.2%), 6mg (0.6%) 3mg (0.3%). 0mg (0.0%) nicotine strengths.

How long does an Eliquid last?

EDGE E-liquid have a produced on date (POD) stamped on the bottle. For optimum enjoyment of EDGE eliquids we recommend use within two years.  

You will find a Produced On Date just under the batch number on your bottle of EDGE E-liquid.

How do I open a bottle of Eliquid?

Our bottles are slightly different to anything we have seen on the market. Our caps are both tamper-evident and child-proof so when opening - Please push down firmly and twist anti-clockwise to break the seal.

We find that the best way to open the bottle is to push and twist the bottle while holding the cap and not the other way around.

Are dyes or colourings used in EDGE eliquids?

No dyes or colourings are used in any EDGE E-liquid besides what are present in the base flavours.

Are your eliquids and pods safe?

EDGE Vaping is a pharmaceutical owned e-liquid manufacturer in the UK. All of our products are registered with the MHRA in line with UK legislative requirements . Our products are tested on site and positively released to ensure compliance and continuity at batch level.

Product Information - Hardware


Which Pods can I use with an EDGE GO?

EDGE GO devices are designed to work exclusively with EDGE GO pods.
With 6 flavours and a number of strengths to choose from there is a pod for everyone.

Where can I buy EDGE GO pods?

You can buy EDGE GO refill pods online or from thousands of retailers across the UK


Which e-liquids can iI use in an EDGE Pro device?

You can use any 'standard' 50/50 eliquid with the EDGE Pro, we highly recommend the EDGE Core range.

How to turn ON/OFF my device?

Simply press the FIRE button 5 times in quick succession.


What is an e-cig?

The term electronic cigarette can refer to any piece of hardware used to vaporise-liquid for inhalation. There are many different varieties for you to choose from: Mods are typically larger devices with more flexibility for customisation, often used exclusively with HVG e-liquids designed for sub-OHM vaping (which uses a coil with a resistance lower than 1 OHM) – these devices are often referred to as “DTL or Direct To Lung” which refers to the way in which a user would typically inhale the vapour from this type of device.

Standard devices like pen devices and more simple kits are typically better suited to vaping 50/50 e-liquids. They are often referred to as “MTL or Mouth To Lung” devices as their usage is closer to that of smoking a traditional cigarette, with the vapour being typically held in the mouth before being inhaled deeper. These types of devices will often have a coil resistance of 1 OHM or above and produce less vapour than sub-OHM devices.

Pod devices are another popular type of e-cig, using disposable pods, (not to be confused with disposable vapes) containing e-liquid in conjunction with a simple, often smaller-sized battery designed for practicality and convenience. These pod devices often perform in a very similar way to standard MTL devices, although some also have sub-OHM coils for DTL HVG vaping too.

Why are there so many different e-cigs available?

As the vaping world has grown over the years people have found many ways in which they prefer to vape. So many different types of e-cig have been created to cater to these different preferences, allowing vapers to experiment with different set-ups in order to find their perfect vape.

Allergy Information

Some of our e-liquids contain allergens which may cause an allergic reaction in some users. If you are sensitive to any of the below ingredients, we do not recommend you purchase these e-liquids.

Apple (Core) - This flavour contains trans-2-hexenal, may produce an allergic reaction.

Berry Mint (BASE) - This flavour contains carvone, may produce an allergic reaction.

Very Menthol (Core / Nic Salts) - This flavour contains L-carvone, may produce an allergic reaction.

Heizen (Core / MAX / Nic Salts) - This flavour contains anethole & eucalyptol, may produce an allergic reaction.

Mango (MAX) - This flavour contains thiomenthone, may produce an allergic reaction.

Strawberry & Watermelon (BASE / Core) - This flavour contains ethyl 3-methyl-3-phenylglycidate & trans-2-cis-6-nonadienal, may produce an allergic reaction.

MBO Green (Nic Salts) - This flavour contains peppermint oil, may produce an allergic reaction.

Delivery Information

How much do you charge for delivery?

All orders placed through the NYC service receive free delivery

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

We ship all orders using Royal Mail 24 and should be with you within 3 days

My order has not arrived

Arrival times are shown as a guideline only. If you do not receive your order within the time frame stated please contact us so we can look into it for you. Once we have dispatched an item it is in the hands of our couriers, this means we have to adhere to their policies and procedures.

Items are not considered to be lost in transit until 10 working days after the dispatch date. Once the 10 day period has passed we will either refund or replace the lost item.

We cannot accept any responsibility for incorrectly entered addresses or if our Couriers are unable to deliver to your address and any other situations beyond our control.

Ordering Information

How can I place my 1st order?

Select the product you want, select which strength you would like. Next click the add to cart button and follow the simple checkout process to the end making sure you fill in as many details as possible.

After the order is placed we will dispatch your order within 24 hours (Excluding Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays). You can expect to receive your item typically in 1-3 working days.

How can I place a new order? (returning customers)

If you are a returning customer, your online ordering is even easier. Just login to your account, select the e-liquid you wish to order and click the checkout button.

(If you do not remember your user name or password, you can use the "Forgotten Your Password" link to obtain this.)

When will be my order be dispatched?

We will do our best to dispatched any orders received before 2pm Monday to Friday on the same day. Any order received after 2pm will be dispatched the following working day (this includes next day services). Any orders received on a weekend will be dispatched on the following Monday (excluding Bank Holidays).

What is the Warranty Policy?

All new devices come with a warranty against fault. This means that if your device or accessory stops working properly during the applicable warranty period we will replace it free of charge.

The applicable warranty periods are as follows:

• Vape Kits: all kits are supplied with a 2-month warranty.

• E-liquids: Unfortunately, we are not able to provide a warranty on e-liquid items due to the nature of the product.

How to use a discount code?

If you have received a discount code then these can be redeemed in the checkout page.
You will be shown that your discount has been applied and values in your basket will be changed automatically.

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Does clothing make your clothes smell?

Vaping does not produce a strong enough smell to make your clothes smell.

Does vaping taste the same as tobacco?

EDGE has a range of different flavour e-liquids including a different tobacco flavours. If your vapour is not recreating a similar flavour to your cigarette you may have the wrong strength nicotine. Please consult with one of our trained advisors who will advise you further on strengths and flavours.

Is there any harm from passive vaping when people are vaping?

Vapour disperses in matter of seconds. So far, studies have shown vapours are mostly undetectable.

Will vaping help me quit smoking?

The experience is remarkably similar to smoking therefore the willpower required is almost zero. EDGE has a product range to assist in all stages of journey away from traditional tobacco use.

Who can vape?

Vaping is for anyone that wants to avoid cigarettes above the age of 18.

Is vaping safe?

Eliquids do not have the 50 known carcinogens (poisons) and the 3,500+ additional chemicals found in a tobacco cigarette. It’s not a good idea to put anything other than fresh air into your lungs.

Is vapour the same as smoke?

Vapour is created by a battery in your vaping device, heating a coil (similar to an element in a kettle) which in turn heats the e-liquid to create vapour which you inhale & exhale. Smoke is created by setting a combustible matter alight, such as tobacco.

What is vaping?

Vaping is an alternative to smoking, providing the nicotine and rituals that you would get from smoking.

Vaping is inhaling and exhaling a vapour that is created in your vaping device, it is very similar to how a kettle heats up water which then produces steam.

Can I vape anywhere?

No, vaping is prohibited in some public places. It’s wise not to assume that you can vape anywhere just because it’s not illegal. Premises owners are entitled to prohibit vaping on their property, and many do.